Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey guys! Just wanted to wish y’all a happy Thanksgiving! 🍂🦃🍁 We watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the dog show afterwards. :P Oh, also, I made an origami turkey!




It uses 2 pieces of paper. 1 for the tail feathers and another for the body.

And… Tomorrow’s my birthday! Yay! I can’t wait.

I’m starting a Christmas origami contest! If you are reading this, I would appreciate if you joined. You just have to create a Christmas-y piece of origami. The deadline is December 15th, so please enter before then. Polls begin December 15th too. Only make 1 piece. Thanks! :)

So yeah, I just wanted to check in and say hi! Don’t forget to comment, like, etc. Alrighty… Hope you enjoyed. Bye! :D

Origami Yoda Posting and More Origami!


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t updated in a bit, I sort of forgot and I sort of was busy. 50% forgetful and 50% busy.

XD Anyway, I have decided I’m going to post on Origami Yoda (.com) again, so if you want to check out my new post there that’d be awesome!

Okay, first…

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Oh wait, it’s not Halloween anymore. Whoops. But happy Halloween! Cam was Harry Potter and I was a lil’ witch. That night we watched The Sorceress’ Stone, and amazingly I stayed awake until the last scene. (It was late, hint hint) Yeah, so it was fun and I hope you guys got lots of great candy.

I got a rock. XD I did.


Now you're probably wondering where my origami is.

I forgot, and I was busy.

No, I'm just kidding! Jk jk jk. Here it is:



The owl on the right was folded from paper that was 10x10cm, and the owl on the left I mis-measured it and I accidentally folded it when it was 5x5cm. So, yes, that’s why it only has one foot (or claw, whatever you call it), because the fold was too small I couldn’t make another foot. Now it is the legendary one-footed owl.



Yes, that is a pink, sitting dinosaur by a purple pig that is bigger than these very realistic trees. XD

Also, I wanted to mention that all of this origami was not made by my instructions, but by some other awesome people!

Anyway, that’s all— please enter in my contest or finish up your origami entries, check out my new OY post, comment, like, and stay cool as Mace Windu instructs you to as you stare at my origami.

Versatile Blogger Award, Origami, and more!


Hey guys!

Today I folded Admiral Ackbar and my own kind of droid. I decided it was an astromech droid with the name of E10-S27. Here they are:




So yeah. I was trying to get in the autumn mood so I used autumn colors for the origami. As you may have noticed, I also changed my blog theme’s color to this orange-ish red color for autumn. :D

And I’m bored, so here’s my dog.



Lol, anyway— I have an entry from sfclomex and Cammy for my Halloween contest, and oy30 and Pauseen is still making theirs. So that’s only 4, and I need you to finish up your entries, oy30 and Pauseen! Chop chop! XD

So anyone who is reading this, please enter my origami Halloween contest. You must fold an origami piece that is Halloween-related for the contest. :)

And… Last but not least…



Thank you *tries not to laugh* sfclomex and blackcat345 for nominating me! Sfclomex’s site is https://sfclomexorigami.wordpress.com/author/sfclomex/ and blackcat345’s site is https://blackcat345.wordpress.com .

Some blogs are:

My BFF: https://jesseniaorigami.wordpress.com

My origami friend: https://origamimayhem.wordpress.com

My bro:

My Mexican weird (and proud of it XD ) friend:

And I apologize if I missed anyone, but that’s all I can think of! I nominate you guys for the Versatile Blogger Award, even though most of you have already been nominated. Lol.

Seven facts about me:

I love One Direction.

I love Need For Speed Carbon and Minecraft.

Jessenia has been my friend since I first started my account on OY.

I met Tom!

I own a hamster and dog.

I want to work at an animal shelter when I’m older.

I love Rick Riordan’s books.

The rules of this award are:
• Thank the person who nominated you to this award.
• Include a link to his/her blog.
• Select some blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.
• Nominate those bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
• Include seven things about yourself.

Also, I will be updating my Minecraft book, please check it out! And enter in my contest! And be stooky! And enjoy my origami! :D


Gremlin the Green (Cammy’s origami) Saved the Day!


Hey guys! Yay! I’m posting! Wheee! I will reveal the riddle answers this weekend and also give you 10 new ones for our 10 weekend riddles. And we are starting a contest! More information on that later.

So, I folded a Star Wars character…

General Grievous! Here he is:



It’s like a remake of my other one (though I still like that one better. Candy. Yum) So anyway, then he started to fight Cammy’s witch!




The witch fought back with her invisible wand. General Grievous slashed but the wounds closed up.


They fought all night— it was super tiring, though, so I soon fell asleep while they were fighting- but then something amazing happened! I woke up when Gremlin the Green swooped in and saved the day—



—flying the witch away from the dangerous General Grievous.



LOL. I made that part last night and I was pretty tired so it’s probably not that funny anymore. XD

Anyway, I made General Grievous from my old instructions (in my memory) so the cape and arms are all different pieces of paper. So yeah, really the only difference is that they are lightsabers, not candy bars. Aww. :( No candy.

Okay, next up: contest! The theme is HALLOWEEN! Witches and pumpkins and ghosts and zombies and vampires and spiders and… uh, you get the idea. Enter any piece of ORIGAMI (no kirigami, tapegami, etc. Only origami.) for Halloween. Just enter in the comments when you fold your origami piece, and if you have a photo or post just give me the link to it. Thanks! Please enter!! I need AT LEAST 5 contestants.

Oh, and this is my 90th post!

So yes— comment, like, give ideas, and enter in my contest! Hope you liked it. :D



Hey guys!! Wow. Wowwww, it’s been 5 months and 7 days since I posted. I miss you guys—I feel like everyone has left, to be honest.

And why am I not folding origami anymore? I think it’s possibly because the series is over, and the Origami Yoda site is basically over too. :( I guess it’s just not my thing if it’s all over, it doesn’t make me happy anymore. I feel forced to fold.

But I will, because something amazing happened!

I CAME BACK AND I’M IN THE MOOD TO FOLD! So, I branched out from Star Wars a bit more like K Origami suggested and folded a witch for Halloween! Here she is:




I made a whole drawing thing for it, but the witch is the only actual origami piece. The broom and the head are apart from the body, so it’s kind of 3 pieces of paper, I guess you could say. I have a lot more origami coming: General grievous (not the candy bar one, but that one is still my favorite), Max Rebo band, Lando Calrissian, etc.

Hope you like my witch! I tried my best, and I like how it turned out.

And now I have the 10 riddles of the weekend!

1. What two things can you never have for breakfast?

2. What tastes better than it smells?

3. What is brown and sticky?

4. What asks but never answers?

5. When is 99 more than 100?

6. When is homework not homework?

7. What can you catch but not throw?

8. During what month do people sleep the least?

9. What kind of room has no doors or windows?

10. A monkey, squirrel, and bird race to the top of a coconut tree. Who will get the banana?

Type your answers in the comments!

So I know you guys don’t really see my posts nowadays, because I’m not very popular anymore. I left, you know. But please visit my site more often— comment, like, give ideas, you know? I miss having the ability to chat with all of you, so I’m back and I’m (hopefully) never leaving!

Hope you liked it. :D

IN ADDITION, this is immmportant: please let me know in the comments if you would like a CONTEST! I already have a theme in mind. Thanks!

May the Forth Be With You!


Hey guys!

As you most likely know, it’s May the 4th. I know that sounds very obvious, but I mean it’s Star Wars day! So, may the forth be with you… *always* :D

Sasquatch just came by… I mean Bigfoot, whatever. Why am I saying this anyway? So random. I guess I just needed to talk about something other than origami, Star Wars, etc… but anyway…

I have been folding 1,000 yodas recently, and I’m up to 100-something. Not much, but I’m getting there. only 899.999999999 left to go! XD

I’m still trying to fold a bunch of origami, but I need some ideas of what to fold first, so it would be awesome if you guys could comment some ideas!

That’s it for now, I’ll be back with minecraft photos and origami probably. Hope you enjoy.

Byeee! May the forth be with you, always.

March Contest Polling Begins!



Hey guys!

It’s time to start the March contest polling. I cut it short, because I was supposed to have 6 contestants, but I didn’t get too many, so I decided to just start the polls now. First off, the contestants and their origami! The entries were awesome, guys. :P





You know the contest polling rules, I think, but for any new SF’s… :D

• No campaigning
• No voting more than once
• No voting for yourself

And now, to finally begin the poll!

Plus, I’m going to take on the challenge of…


They’re just gonna be the 5-fold ones. And, to make up for my loooong lack of origami, soon I’ll be pretty much origami-crazy! Lots of drawings, too. :) Hrmm, am I forgetting something…?

Ah. Yes. Easter. Happy late late Easter! I kind of wrote this part of the post out in sharpie. Here:





Easter brunch was especially awesome. :P AND DELICIOUS!

Probably Sunday, I’ll be back with much origami and many minecraft photos! And hopefully this weekend Cammy and I will play with Xavier! :D Thanks guys, and don’t forget to vote on the contest polls. Chat in comments… Hope you enjoy!